We’ve received LOTS of questions, so wanted to let everyone know what’s happening on our business’ front with replica guns.

Bill C21 in Canada

A host of new gun measures outlined in legislation tabled in Ottawa are causing a stir among gun owners while others are lauding the new bill for addressing gun violence in the country.

Bill C-21 received its first reading in the House of Commons on Monday last week. It includes a provision that would take away gun licences from those involved in domestic violence or criminal harassment, and would require people deemed a threat to themselves or other to turn in their firearms to police.

But many people are fixated on the national freeze on the sale, purchase, importation and transfer of handguns.

I personally DISLIKE getting political, BUT this bill targets the wrong people — lawful gun owners and collectors — INSTEAD of targeting the illegal importation and ownership of handguns.. Read the act here: https://www.publicsafety.gc.ca/cnt/cntrng-crm/frrms/c21-en.aspx#s4

And don’t get me started on how Old West / Civi War / Pirate flintlocks make ANY sense in this.



So how are Non-Firing Antiques impacted?

In short – this bill will impact “toy guns” and un-classify “antique” replicas, despite Denix being non-firing (and can’t be rigged to fire either).
Amazing how something you can drop on your foot and over 125 years old is a threat, huh?

How does this impact you? This will (eventually) mean that these cannot be purchased online or in-person.



What’s happening with our business?

To be blunt, this blows a giant hole into our company, our personal finances and our lives.

Here’s a general update as of this morning:

  • Our primary supplier here in Canada just cancelled their July restock order. I can’t blame them as its a HUGE chunk of change. Will the law be inn-acted overnight? No. Will customs likely drag their feet, leading to big delays and costs? Yes.
  • Our secondary suppliers just confirmed they’re low on stock and confirming the bill “would make all replica firearms prohibited devices to sell.”
  • On our end, we anticipate we’ll start seeing signs of low stock levels in the next couple weeks (we’re ok for the moment) but we won’t have the ability to restock or provide advance orders. This’ll also impact our annual Stampede Sale folks… no way of avoiding that I’m afraid.  FRIDAY JUNE 10th UPDATE – Our Primary Suppliers are now 100% Sold Out of Western Revolvers & Flintlocks.
  • So as of Friday, June 10th we’ve been forced to close our doors.  We’re BEYOND devastated but appreciate each and every customer we’ve had over the years who have allowed us to share our passion of the old west (and older times) with them.  Anyone with an open order which we can’t fill, will get refunded.  We do have a FEW items here in Calgary that we’ll blow out this weekend but for now, we’re needing to re-invent our business.
  • SATURDAY JUNE 11th UPDATE – We’ve updated the website for what’s left in inventory (not great but it is what it is). Reopening online sales while stock lasts.
  • We ARE in the process of working with an American company to help us drop ship to American customers.  Will be looking at opening up our sister site at www.ReplicaGuns.net hopefully next week! Unfortunately our guys can’t ship up to Canada.
  • IF we find ways of getting the stock into Canada, we’ll reopen up our Canadian site here at www.ReplicaGuns.ca but for the next foreseeable future, this is up in the air.
  • WEDNESDAY JUNE 17th UPDATE – We’ve disabled online ordering for the foreseeable future until the marketplace (aka Ottawa) changes. Appreciate everyone’s support over the years!!


What can you do?

At the end of the day, we now have to wind down our business.  Call your MPs to voice your thoughts on Bill C21.  This bill will only effect legal gun owners who jump through massive legal hoops and not solve actual crime.  Whether you believe in that idea or not – how many crimes happen with wooden flintlocks you might ask? I’d gather almost zero.

I’ll post updates here when they become available.  Appreciate everyone’s support over the years – this community is BEYOND amazing and it’s been an ABSOLUTE pleasure to have met you all and worked with everyone.


Jess, Monica and crew at ReplicaGuns.ca