We’re proud to offer our Canadian customers with the high-end, realistic replica guns from Denix in Spain. Own a piece of history with a factory made replica! Made to the original specs, weights and metal/wood materials, these de-active replicas are a great way of owing a piece of history at a fraction of the cost of owing the real thing. Great for collectors and enthusiasts alike!

ZoltanGal was created 8 years ago by myself and my wife, Monica out of a passion to find unique items to bring to friends and customers. We both grew up in retail (actually met each other at a retail store we both worked at) and wanted to bring some of our creative and unique ideas to a wider marketplace – online in particular! We also vend at several conventions throughout the year in Western Canada.

With the recent changes to Google’s policies regarding weapons, we had to separate out our Denix replicas into a separate site (where you’re reading this now!). So while its a different look & feel, its still us 🙂