Replica Non-Firing Civil War Revolvers from Denix

Denix produces high quality non-firing replicas, with authentic weights and mechanics! These replicas are made in Spain at a munitions factory to the original specifications. They are made of wood and metal (no plastic) and are the appropriate weight of the originals. These replicas do not fire (although the barrels and triggers move), they are meant for costume play only. Please LARP responsibly.


  • No gun licenses are required for replicas
  • Shipping available throughout Canada, from our location in Calgary, Alberta
  • $10 Flat Rate Shipping Across Canada OR Free Shipping on orders over $150!

Civil War

Dragoon Revolver

5.00 out of 5
$150.00 CAD
$150.00 CAD

Civil War

Le Mat Revolver

$140.00 CAD