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Frequently Asked Questions

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Are replica guns legal in Canada?

This would be one of our most often asked questions! YES they are legal!

The government of Canada with Canadian customs and the RCMP look at replicas in two fashions: modern vs. "antique" with the golden date of 1898 being key. For OUR selection, we carry models that are based on originals PRIOR TO 1898 - so we're able to import these and mail to customers without needing a PAL license. BIG NOTE - common sense is always required for ANY item that even remotely resembles a firearm!

For anything newer than 1898 these are deemed "modern" replicas and are prohibited here in Canada (thus can't be imported unless you have a restricted license). This is why you won’t see more "modern" replicas here in Canada from Denix like Mausers, Enfields, WWI and WWII rifles, etc. (sorry folks!).

Links to the official Government of Canada site for reference:


"If it is an antique firearm, as defined by the Criminal Code and corresponding regulations, it is not prohibited."


antique firearm means

(a) any firearm manufactured before 1898 that was not designed to discharge rim-fire or centre-fire ammunition and that has not been redesigned to discharge such ammunition, or

(b) any firearm that is prescribed to be an antique firearm; (arme à feu historique)

Where are you located? Can I visit your shop?
We're a home-based online store, but do handle local deliveries and can coordinate appointments. Email us for details.
What are the delivery charges for orders?
We charge a flat $15 CDN fee for shipping if your order is under $150. If your order is over $150, we ship your order out for free!
Which payment methods are accepted?
PayPal, Visa and MasterCard payments are accepted. We can also handle credit card orders over the phone, as well as eTransfers! All orders will be stamped ZOLTANGAL (our parent company) on your statement.
How long will delivery take?
If your items are all in stock in Calgary, shipping varies from 1 to 7 business days depending on where you are in Canada. If we're out of stock on any item, we will notify you. Restocks arrive in Calgary every Thursday and Friday, so if we're ever out on an item rest assured it'll be back in stock quickly!
Do you ship outside of Canada?
Unfortunately based on the nature of replicas, we are only able to ship product within Canada and not internationally.
How do you handle returns?
Have a defective product? Simply contact us and return items within 7 days of receiving your order. in its original condition and we will refund the purchase price. Shipping and handling (S&H) charges are non-refundable; however, we will gladly refund your original shipping cost if you are returning an item due to a mistake on our part. All returns must be shipped to us in its original condition (including box and packaging) via parcel post surface mail. When you return a product, you will receive a refund within 7-14 business days of us receiving and verifying the item. Your credit card (or PayPal transfer) used in your original purchase will be credited with the refund.
What materials are the replica guns made of?
The Denix replicas we set are made of metal (usually zinc overlaid with various finishes like pewter, nickel, brass, etc.) to simulate the original metal that would have been used.For the grips, these are either done in wood or in the case of Ivory grips – a resin, to simulate what the originals would have looked like.

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