Modern Weapons – Restricted in Canada

Unfortunately as we live in Canada, anything made by Denix that’s NEWER than 1898 are deemed “modern weapons” by the Canadian government and are restricted from being able to be imported across Canadian customs.

These include regularly requested items like the C-96 Mauser, MK rifles, Thompson machine guns, M1 Grand rifles, German Luger pistols and anything from WWI, WWII and newer models like the Python revolver featured in The Walking Dead.

Sorry folks – just something we need to deal with, even with non-firing replicas.

2 thoughts on “Modern Weapons – Restricted in Canada

    • Jess Willard says:

      You’d think so… but customs just lumps these into the “modern” category for firearms. Bit crazy to see they’d be within the law but not be able to be imported. ~ Jess

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