Modern Weapons – Restricted in Canada

Unfortunately as we live in Canada, anything made by Denix that’s NEWER than 1898 are deemed “modern weapons” by the Canadian government and are restricted from being able to be imported across Canadian customs.

These include regularly requested items like the C-96 Mauser, MK rifles, Thompson machine guns, M1 Grand rifles, German Luger pistols and anything from WWI, WWII and newer models like the Python revolver featured in The Walking Dead.

Sorry folks – just something we need to deal with, even with non-firing replicas.

11 thoughts on “Modern Weapons – Restricted in Canada

    • Jess Willard says:

      You’d think so… but customs just lumps these into the “modern” category for firearms. Bit crazy to see they’d be within the law but not be able to be imported. ~ Jess

    • Zartan says:

      The replica ban was put in around 1995 when airsoft was in it’s infancy in canada, I remember buying Japanese Tokyo Marui spring pistols back in the early/mid 90’s. Older Japanese replicas (PFC’s) were being imported since the late 60’s into Canada and were being used to rob merchants through out the 70’s and 80’s….thats why there were eventually banned so the government says along with police officials. Airsoft didn’t really come in full swing until the late 90’s/early 2000’s in Canada. They did ban it off and on back then but they are still here and can be used just like the older replica’s to hold a place up and they look much better. Basically banning replica’s does nothing really but hurt the collector. Here is a site out of Japan, a small replica business, they only deal in WW2 German firearms. These are all hand made to real specifications and I must say they put Denix models on a lower level.

  1. Steven says:

    This is political hose crap. Not one single outcry from the general public has been made (public)To abolish air guns(markers or plinkers)or replicas of any sort in order to warrent such idiotic, uninformed, power tripping law/regulations against law abiding citizens. I’m sure there have been misuses of certain types of potentially harmful devices in Canadian society however a drastic change in further regulating the parameters of gun legislation and definition will not take anything away from the common criminal on their use and possession of illegally obtained weapons. Maybe there hasn’t been any news reports on citizens having their homes broken into and all their powdered firearms as wells as the junior air/spring/nitro piston recreational devices then used in a robbery or mass shooting or a shooting resulting in death or sever injury because the news is still more concerned with fear mongering with bs numbers reports on covid, varients, lockdowns and mandatory potentially lethal vaccination injections (another personal right I will be choosing to fight with rocks and sticks and my bare hands to preserve for the next generations. That’s right rocks and stick,hands, knives whatever…or are these forms of potentially harmful objects next on the illegal to possess list?) as the majority us are just trying to get by looking for work, maintaining the job we are fortunate to have,feed ourselves our little ones and hold onto the last remnants of hope that(what should have been over months ago)the elected officials that work for the people (not the other way around) will get their heads out of each other’s ass and stop these antics of abuse of power and put that energy into a more worthy cause of opening up educational programs for the unfortunate to get people who are willing and able away from the streets and corruption so not to have a demand for illegal weapons where needless and preventable destruction of human lives could be saved. Just a thought.

    • Jess Willard says:

      Hi Steven,

      Yeah I hear you with this. Unfortunately the “modern” restrictions have been around for quite a bit. The Airsoft slide into the bill though really is a low blow to that industry – really hope that doesn’t end up passing. ~ Jess

  2. Micheal says:

    If you have a restricted or even a prohibited licence, can you purchase one of these.. I am interested in a the Thompson or, if you have it, a Sten

    I do have my prohibited

    • Jess Willard says:

      Unfortunately no. We have one supplier that offers these; however, the Canadian government has these limited to film & museums only – and only for rental. Really crazy re: restrictions… yeah for government! ~ Jess

  3. Dominick Valencio says:

    there’s a dude in Canada with a YouTube channel and he has Thompson’s, M3 grease guns, RPG’s, he mp5’s, however on his m-16 style rifles I don’t see the third hole. Oh, he also has AK-47’s, as he displays how to do tactical reloads, etc.. His screen name is Arm&Gun. I read he has a special license for a business, but that make zero sense to me as he says himself in a general write up that he’s an average Canadian collector governed by Canadian firearms laws. So how can he have those and people can’t have these?

    • Jess Willard says:

      Unfortunately that would be a question for him – as well as the RCMP / the CBSA. Spotted his YouTube video links over to a shop called Wolverine Supplies out of Manitoba – all firing items as well. The rate the firearms legislation is going, I’m surprised Wolverine (or him) still have access to anything… but beyond our control. Sorry! ~ Jess

  4. Gary Weisbrodt says:

    So strange, I recently purchased replica BB and pellet rifles of those tupes. And customs let them through every time.

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